XML Travel Product Sourcing Integration Services
Customers are very impatient. If you don't have what they want they will go elsewhere, ususally your competitor. Very few privileged travel companies can offer everything under the sun to their customers.

Our XML Integration solutions can change that.

Your website will be able to offer products simply by sourcing from third party suppliers.

You will be able to access an ever-growing airline inventory provided by a range of UK Suppliers and flight consolidators as well as all GDS airline content which means agents can offer online customers the maximum flight choice, as well as secure, simple and fast booking.

Our team of specialists are experts in system integration with core competencies and experience in XML, API, XML Data Integration, and XML Data Sharing.

XML integration is available now to the travel industry.

Our skills and experience in XML Data Integration Systems and API data integration systems are benefiting Tour Operators, Hoteliers and many other travel related businesses who can now obtain the information they require.

Available Suppliers
Low Cost Carriers
Air Berlin (AB)
Aer Arann (AEA)
Aer Lingus (AER)
Air Southwest (WOW)
Atlantic Express (AEX)
Atlas Blue (ALB)
BA.com (BAW)
BMI Baby (WW)
FlyBe (BE)
Fly Globespan (FGS)
Fly Thomas Cook Charter (FTC)
Fly Thomas Cook Scheduled (FTS)
German Wings (DEW)
Germania Express (ST)
Hapag Lloyd Express
Monarch Scheduled (ZB)
Thomson Flights (THF)
Transavia (TRA)
Virgin Blue (DJ)
WestJet (WS)
Wizz Air (WZZ)
Trade Low Cost
Air Berlin Trade (ABT)
BMI Baby Trade (WWT)
Fly Globespan Trade (FGT)
Thomson Flights Trade (TFT)
Thomson Seat Sales (TSS)
Wizz Air Trade (WZT)
Airtours (AIR)
Argo (ARG)
Aspro (ASP)
Balkan (BLK)
Belleair (BLL)
Club 18-30 (CLB)
Crystal (CRY)
Falcon (FAL)
First Choice (FIR)
First Choice Ski (FCS)
Holidays 4 U (H4U)
Holiday Options (HOP)
Gold Trail (GTR)
Jewel in the Crown (JCH)
Manos (MAN)
Neilson (NEI)
Neilson Active (SAI)
Olympic/Odyssey (ODY)
Panorama (PAN)
Sunspot (POT)
Scottravel (STH)
Sovereign (SOV)
Sunset (SET)
Sunworld Ireland (SWI)
Thomas Cook Holidays (TCH)
Thomson (THO)
Thomson Ski (THS)
Unijet (UNI)
Virgin Holidays (VIR)
Wings Abroad (WNG)
Direct Connect XML
A2B Transfers (A2B)
Avro (AVR)
Amadeus (AMD)
Anatolian Sky Flights (ANF)
Anatolian Sky Packages (ANP)
Blue Islnads (BLU)
Cosmos (COS)
Custom Flights (CUF)
Easyjet (EZJ)
Eurostar Published Fares (ERS)
Eurostar With Accommodations (ERJ)
Gold Medal Net/Published Fares (GMN/GMP)
Holiday Autos (CAR)
Holiday Taxis (HTX)
Jet2 (JT2)
JetSet Scheduled Flights (JST)
Kiss Flights (KIS)
Manx2 (MX2)
Libra (LIB)
ResortHoppa (HPR)
Sterling Air (STL)
Seligo Attractions (SGO)
Tarleton Travel (TAR)
Teleticket (SKY)
World Wide Cars (WWC)
YourCareHire (YCH)

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Accommodation Only
Apartments Abroad (AAB)
Altura Beds (ALT)
Barcelo (BAR)
Beds With Ease (BWE)
b2bski (DIS)
Boscolo (BOS)
Cottages to Castles (CTC)
Holiday Brokers (HBR)
Hotel Connect (HCT)
Hotels 4U (TTA)
Hoseasons (HOS)
JAC Travel (JAC)
Jumbo Tours (AZS)
Low Cost Beds (LCB)
Med Hotels (MED)
Need a Hotel (NAH)
Seligo Accommodations (SGA)
Super Breaks (SPB)
Thomas Cook Accommodation (TCA)
Somewhere to Stay (COS)
Tourico (TRC)
Triton (PTS)
YouTravel (YTR)
Vacenza (VCZ)