XML Travel Product Distribution Services
XML Travel Products Inventory Distribution Integration Services
Here are some of the Travel Agents that will be selling your products:
Increases your product visibility and potential market
Sell to over 50% of UK's Travel Agents plus 1800 oher independents worldwide
Does not interfere with your existing setup
Can run along and complement your existing online setup
Cheaper than Viewdata
Unlimited number of lines unlike Viewdata
Low startup cost
Provides an additional sales revenue channel
Transparent to the usual sales channels
Products can have separate pricing and allocation

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During the dark ages in travel, the only way to sell your products was by telephone or viewdata.

Now that we have had the internet for a few years, the latest platform is called XML.

Using XML, Travel Agent Systems and their Websites can access, find and book your products inventory directly.

This is the most efficient way to sell your products.

Once we help you setup commercial agreements directly with the Travel Agents on our XML Network, you products will be part of a huge marketplace of like-minded companies who have XML Integration as part of their technological business model.