Dynamic Packaging
Let the website do the selling for you by finding the flight then suitable accommodation for your customer. All done in real time with real prices and real comanies.

The package can be made up from your own products or products soured from third parties.
10 Reasons Why you need Dynamic Packaging:

1. The Dynamic Packaging Market is growing to double between 2006 - 09

2. Packages offer you Better Margins
Packages are more profitable than selling rooms through third party online agencies

3. Keep Control of Your Customers
Dynamic Packaging buyers are more brand loyal. They are coming to your site. Do not let them leave your website to go to a third party vendor to book their air. They may not come back.

4. The Big Hotel Chains are already offering Dynamic Packaging
Do not fall behind the big brand chains (Marriot, Hyatt, Intercontinental). It is not complicated or expensive to add dynamic packaging to your website.

5. Online Travel Agencies have invested heavily into Dynamic Packaging
Stop subsidizing online travel agencies. You’ve fought back to sell more and more of your room inventories direct. The online agencies have changed tact and are now heavily promoting package deals. And it ‘s working. Currently, 76% of online package buyers bought through an online agency. The margin for these packages comes from the room component, not the air and car segments

6. Provide the “One Stop Shop” Your Customers Now Expect
Your customers are being trained that they save when they buy a package. Check out Expedia and Orbitz for proof. Offer this savings and convenience directly to your customers.

7. They are your Customers not the Airlines'
Customers leave your site to book air, making sure they can get to their destination at an acceptable price at the time they desire. Don’t lose them! You’ll be doing them a favor, by making the process simpler when you offer this service to your customers.

8. Offer your customers a less expensive way to get to you
Airlines allow their tickets to be discounted significantly when packaged with a hotel room. You can only pass this savings onto your customers through dynamic packaging.

9. Give potential customers more reasons to stay and book on your site
Only 2% of hotel website visitors will make a booking while the other 98% will read, scan and then leave your site. Give them more reasons to book directly on your site. Offer unique product offerings found only on your site.

10. Build Brand and Customer Loyalty
Continue the education process that your site is the place to book the best deals and special promotions not available at third party providers.

Data Supplied by: iTravel Solutions

Dynamic Packaging Example

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