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Price Comparison Travel Portals

Using our technology we are able to provide Travel Portal with a facility to compare thousands of other companies' products and unlike our competitors, our system can proceed and take the reservation

XML Feed for Travel Products Inventory Distribution & Sourcing Technology

We have developed XML technology that enables real-time distribution of your own inventory through a robust system to other UK Travel Agents.

Through our XML Distributor Partners, we can distribute your inventory to UK Agents as well as 2000 other independent Travel Agents spread across the world.

On the other side, we also have developed software to scan, compare and book other companies travel products.

Flat File Genetaion Services for Travel

If you are in the business of competitive travel, then you will understand the impossible tasks involved in building a "useful" flat file.

Out technology is based on a powerful price-comparison search engine that scans all airlines and bedbanks and builds flat files for Accommodation, Flights or Packages based on the cheapest combination at the time.

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Booking/Reservation Systems for Travel
Our online reservation system - TDS is a web-based technology which provides real-time dynamic-packaging booking and inventory management for Flights, Hotels, Accommodation, Transfers, Cruises and other products, combined with integrated distribution and access to the worldwide stock through XML.